Artist Statement

My art career has been developing over four decades. As a creative mirror to my fine art painting, I owned a communication/graphics firm for 40 years. I bring strong design influences to my fine art painting from those many years that I designed and developed the “essence” of strong messages, symbols, and visual magnetism.

My artistic journey is about discovering the meaning between day and night, earth and sky, birth and death, sexuality and modesty, and simple and complex relationships. Marked by intense spontaneity, my paintings are full of enthusiasm and joy. I see my paintings as gestures of conceptualized life forms expressing what it is to be human. “Humanness” in my paintings is expressed in brilliant, symbolic forms of continuance, symbols of man, woman, child, soul, and symbols of connectedness to the universe.

The structure of my work forms an artistic dualism in which broad, colored shapes and contrasts of color exist side by side, and edge by edge. As a twin, I have been heavily marked by inner feelings to express powerful relationships in forms that attract and repel at the same time. Within the content of my paintings, objects and subject matter all come from the visible world even if that visible world only serves as a point of departure. When I paint, I compose a poetic vision from within and allow myself a freedom of an active painting style and natural bold gestures to articulate the content.

In an attempt to express spiritual values from earthly materials, I am trying as an artist to bring the order of nature to everyday surroundings. Simply, my paintings are “portraits of the moment.”