1949 Rebecca Reese Jacoby was born in Salt Lake City, Utah where she grew up immersed in the surrounding geography and personal experiences which enhanced her painting development. Rebecca’s art career has evolved over forty years with fine art painting and owning a graphics communication firm. 1971 Rebecca graduated from the University of Utah with a bachelor of fine arts. Her emphasis was in graphic and communication design which impacted her strong sense for symbol, metaphors, bold messaging, and gestural form to her painting approach.1973Rebecca started her own communication firm creating branding and integrated communication projects. The design firm continued successfully for the next forty years. 1971-2012 Over four decades, Rebecca has focused on the mediums of watercolor and acrylic painting. Watercolor offers a rich, expedient expression of the moment and Rebecca paints with large brushes and loaded paint for vivid effect. Acrylic paintings have been the natural launching point from the free-flowing medium of watercolor. Jacoby’s large acrylic paintings are actively painted and express spontaneous gestural abstraction. Rebecca is a full-time fine art painter and works out of her studio in Holladay, Utah.2006September 11- October 15 Jacoby exhibited a solo exhibition at the Patrick Moore Gallery in Salt Lake City.2008-2014 Rebecca exhibited in the prestigious Springville Art Museum Annual Spring show for these years receiving awards of merit.2011 Feb 1-April 11 Jacoby exhibited a solo show entitled, “The Visitors,” at the Kimball Art Museum in Park City, Utah.2011 April 8- May15 In a another solo show that year, Rebecca’s exhibited “Counterparts,” at Phillips Gallery, Salt Lake City, Utah.2011 September 1-Oct 31 Jacoby’s solo show at the Elaine R. Stephens Gallery in Ogden, Utah was entitled, “The Histories,” where one of the large featured painting was 21 ft. x 10 ft. and composed an entire wall space.2015August 7- September 28, Jacoby exhibited in a solo show at the Finch Lane Gallery in Salt Lake City, Utah. This exhibit encompassed large format acrylic paintings entitled, “Fire Dancers/ Ancestral. The paintings in this exhibit explored the connections that the artist revealed in emotional ritual-like dances and the spiritual dialogue that exists between the descendents in her history and herself.